Have you made yours?

It is one of those things that we all know we should do but we put it off as facing our vulnerability can be a major step in our lives.
If you do not make a Will it is the Law that will decide who will take care of your Financial Affairs and decide who will receive everything you own. This could mean that someone who does not know you can decide who will benefit after your death whether you want them too or not.
Making a Will usually involves the hiring of a professional Will writer, Solicitor or Bank, and it could to be appear costly if you don't appear to have more than a few possessions but if you treasure those items you want to be in control of who benefits from them.
You can also decide in your Will on whether you are buried or cremated, it may be difficult to express this now but in your Will you have the choice. You can also appoint your own Executors to ensure your instructions as defined in your Will are carried out as you wished them to be.