How to train like Goku, the world's strongest character (2024)

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Goku, the iconic character from the Dragon Ball series, is revered as one of the world's strongest characters. His incredible strength, endurance and unwavering determination have inspired fans worldwide, but have you ever wondered how Goku became so powerful?

His training routine encompasses a combination of strength exercises, cardiovascular workouts, martial arts training and meditation. By following Goku, you can push your limits, build muscle, enhance endurance and push your potential to the next level.

Whether you're a DBZ fan or simply looking for a new way to level up your fitness, training like Goku will take you on an exciting and challenging journey. Although we may not be able to replicate his training regimen exactly, we can still learn from his methods to improve our fitness and unleash our inner Saiyan.

How to train like Goku - The super Saiyan

Now, let's talk about Goku's training philosophy. He revolves around discipline, patience and never-ending improvement.

Regardless of your experience level, the key is to push yourself in each workout and make progress continuously. It's all about overcoming obstacles and taking your strength and fitness journey to the next level.

1) Strength training with a Saiyan twist

Strength training to target multiple muscles (Image via Unsplash/Victor Frietas)

Goku's routine emphasizes strength training and strategic cardio exercises. Compound exercises, which target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, are at the forefront of his workout. These exercises help build a solid foundation of physical strength.

Examples include bench presses, squats, deadlifts and overhead presses. By performing these exercises with proper form and explosiveness, you can steadily increase your strength and muscle mass.

2) Power up with cardiovascular training

Cardiovascular fitness is crucial to match Goku's level of endurance. While cardio alone won't help you lose fat, combining it with a well-balanced diet is the key to achieving a low body fat level.

Performing cardio at least five times a week. The type of cardio you choose should be enjoyable, whether it's playing sports, going for a jog or even taking a brisk walk.

3) Martial arts and meditation

Balance between martial arts and meditation. (Image via Unsplash/Thao Lee)

Martial arts training and meditation play significant roles in Goku's training routine. While Goku utilizes various martial arts techniques depicted in Dragon Ball Z, it's important to find a martial art that appeals to you. Regular practice helps improve technique, coordination, and, most importantly, mental focus.

Goku also emphasizes the importance of meditation for stress relief and enhanced calmness. Take time to incorporate meditation in your routine to improve your mental well-being.

Warming up and recovery

Important to take rest days (Image via Unsplash / Sage Friedman)

Before lifting heavy weights, warm up your muscles with a few lighter sets. That prepares your muscles for the subsequent workout and helps prevent injury.

Gradually increase the weights as you progress through your warm-up sets. Additionally, rest and recovery days are crucial to allow your body to rebuild and grow stronger.

To train like super Saiyan, lifting only three days a week to optimize recovery and maximize strength gains. This approach allows for neural recovery and more effective strength development.

Training like Goku is an exciting way to challenge yourself and achieve your fitness goals. While we may not possess Goku's superhuman strength, we can incorporate elements of his workout routine to improve our physical and mental conditioning.

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How to train like Goku, the world's strongest character (2024)
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