10 Gluten Free & Vegan Christmas Recipes (2024)

10 Gluten Free Vegan Christmas Recipes

Christmas is the perfect time to choose from lots of colourful and delicious seasonal vegetables, helping you create mouthwatering gluten-free and vegan dishes to share with family and friends.

Therefore, here are some quick and easy plant-based dinners, sides, desserts and snacks, for a flavour-packed vegan Christmas from beginning to end.


Easy Lentil Wellington

This show-stopping vegan Lentil Wellington will take pride of place on the Christmas table! It’s crunchy, packed with a richly flavoured lentil stuffing and looks incredible! The recipe is designed to keep things as simple as possible, meaning it needs only 5 minutes preparation time and is ready to serve just 40 minutes later. Served up with Mushroom Gravy, Rosemary Infused Potatoes and Roasted Vegetables, it forms an unforgettable vegan Christmas Day Feast!

Christmas Nut Roast

This vegan Christmas nut roast is nourishing, full of wonderful flavour and holds together perfectly without the addition of any eggs or gluten. Best of all for this busy time of year, it needs just 20 minutes of hands-on preparation time. However if you’re short on oven space (or time) on the big day, you can make this festive nut roast on Christmas Eve. Just warm it in the oven for 10 minutes on Christmas Day and it will still taste absolutely amazing!

Christmas Stuffed Squash

An eye-catching vegan main dish at the Christmas table – or a unique alternative to stuffing – this splendid squash is just packed with Christmas flavours! Bursting with fruit, nuts, lentils and more, it even contains delicious caramelised onions that are totally FREE of refined sugar. This is definitely a dish that shows your non-vegan friends just what they’re missing!


Best Vegan Cauliflower Cheese

This is the BEST vegan cauliflower cheese around! Strong statement I know… but I don’t see how it can be better!It’s incredibly simple to make, full of flavour and will totally impress your family/friends. When you’re eating it you won’t believe it’s also dairy free and gluten free!

Rosemary Infused Roast Potatoes

No Christmas dinner is complete without roast potatoes, cooked to crispy perfection on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Just a few ingredients are all you need to create these scrumptious spuds – and if you’re not a fan of rosemary, you can easily substitute thyme instead.

Totally gluten-free, these vegan roasted sprouts will turn even the staunchest member of the anti-Brussels sprouts brigade into a raving fan! Despite being completely free of refined sugar, this dish has a wonderful sweetness that perfectly complements the crunch from the pomegranate seeds and walnuts. If you’ve never tried roasting your sprouts before, prepare to be amazed by just how good they taste!

Mushroom Gravy

The perfect accompaniment to your Christmas nut roast! or any dish in your vegan Christmas feast – is this luscious mushroom gravy. With its rich colour and flavour, it looks just like beef gravy but is totally meat free! Everyone loves homemade gravy and this easy recipe is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!


Vegan Chocolate Tart

Being vegan doesn’t mean you need to miss out on your favourite chocolate treats! This exquisite dessert is completely free of refined sugar, gluten and dairy. Only containing just 6 (yes, 6!) ingredients. The best vegan chocolate tart you’ll ever taste, it keeps well in the fridge so you can prepare it on Christmas Eve, all ready to wow your guests on the big day!

Gooey Nut Butter Choc Pots

The name of this dish perfectly describes its luscious flavour and texture! It combines nut butter and chocolate to create a refined sugar-free and gluten-free vegan Christmas Dessert that your guests will want you to make all year round. This simple recipe uses just six ingredients and is a great one to make with the kids!


Sweet N Salty Pecans

The perfect Christmas snack to share with your visitors over Christmas, these vegan Sweet ‘N Salty Pecans are free of refined sugar, with a flavour combination that everybody loves! All you need to make them are just 4 ingredients that you probably already have at home. With just 1 minute of preparation and 15 minutes of cooking, they are a quick and easy gluten-free treat that everyone will enjoy!

If you try any of these gluten free vegan Christmas recipes let me know!

Leave a comment, rate it and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram@healthylivingjamesusing #healthylivingjames . I absolutely love seeing and sharing your recreations!

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10 Gluten Free & Vegan Christmas Recipes (2024)
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