Dragon Ball: Why Buuhan is the Strongest Version of the Character (2024)


  • Majin Buu, an ancient villain, became even more dangerous after absorbing Ultimate Gohan, leading to his most powerful form, Buuhan.
  • Buuhan, with the combined power and intellect of multiple fighters, required Goku and Vegeta to fuse into Vegito to stand a chance.
  • Despite Buuhan's strength, Kid Buu remains the more unpredictable and destructive version, acting as a mindless force of nature.

Dragon Ball is a series that is no stranger to powerful and terrifying supervillains. From Planet conquering Saiyans to literal Gods of Destruction, the series is filled with antagonists that aren't only powerful, but their iconic personalities coupled with their amazing designs give the series one of the best rogues' galleries in the entire anime industry.

While many Dragon Ball villains are destructive monsters, none of them come close to the danger of Majin Buu. This ancient villain has existed for over 10 million years, during which time he used to go on sprees of unparalleled destruction just for the sheer pleasure of it. However, Buu's most powerful transformation came in the Buu Saga after he absorbed Ultimate Gohan, so let's see just why it was so strong.


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The Strength of Majin Buu

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First Appearance

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 232, "Buu is Hatched"

Debut Date

July 6, 1994

Story Arc

Buu Saga

Majin Buu had, for millions of years, been one of the biggest threats to the universe. This is because, eons ago, he was powerful enough to destroy an entire galaxy using his deadly power, effectively becoming a threat to the reality of Universe 7 itself. It wasn't until the intervention of the Kais that the villain was finally sealed for good. However, Babidi awoke him on Earth during the events of the Buu Saga.

Right after his awakening, he went on a killing spree, defeating many powerful heroes and even undergoing various transformations that made him stronger than he was before. His final transformation came once he absorbed Ultimate Gohan, transforming into the form that fans have come to call 'Buuhan', though this wasn't the final time he would be seen in the franchise. The final form of Buu was Kid Buu, the original form of what he used to be ages ago.

Why Buuhan Is The Strongest Version Of The Villain

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First Appearance

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 267, "Ready to Fuse?"

Debut Date

June 7, 1995

Story Arc

Buu Saga

After Majin Buu Pure Evil was separated from Good Buu, he truly showed fans of the series just why he was so feared. He fought many powerful characters and eventually transformed into Super Buu, with whom he defeated and absorbed many of the Z-Fighters, greatly adding to his already fearsome strength. Not only had he absorbed Piccolo, but he managed to get the better of Gotenks, making him into an incredibly dangerous fighter.

Eventually, the timer of Gotenks's fusion wore off within him, leading Goku to deem the villain to be weak enough for Gohan to defeat on his own. However, this eventually led to Buu tricking and absorbing Gohan, creating Buuhan. Buuhan proved to be so powerful that Goku knew he couldn't match up to him, not even with his Super Saiyan 3 form. So, the only way of defeating this villain led to one of the most iconic moments in the series.

You're not dealing with Goku or Vegeta anymore, you're dealing with your end.

Goku and Vegeta were brought together once more and, after much deliberation, agreed to use the Potara Earrings to fuse into Vegito, the most powerful mortal in the universe at the time, since Vegito's power multiplied that of Goku and Vegeta's, also boosting the resultant power exponentially. The mere fact that they needed to fuse into Vegito in the hopes of defeating Buuhan is reason enough as to why this version of the villain is the strongest.

This is perfectly juxtaposed with the final battle of the arc, where Goku is the only one who is left to go up against Kid Buu. Not only was Super Saiyan 3 Goku fighting Kid Buu on equal terms, it has been stated multiple times in the story that Ultimate Gohan was the strongest non-fused character in the series, even more so than his father's Super Saiyan 3 state. So, to see Goku fight equally against Kid Buu speaks for itself, since Buuhan had the power of the strongest mortal multiplied with his own.


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Despite Kid Buu being the original version of the villain that had been causing destruction for millions of years, he was essentially just a mindless beast. Buuhan, however, not only had the power of Buu, but also the power of all those he had absorbed, as well as the intellect of Piccolo and Gohan, two of the smartest Z-Fighters in the series.

However, this disparity in the power of both versions of the villain still doesn't account for unpredictability. While Buuhan is certainly stronger and smarter, Kid Buu is pretty much a savage animal that only ever has destruction on his mind, making him the far more dangerous version of the two of them. While Buuhan can be reasoned with to an extent and a conversation with him can be held, Kid Buu is completely unpredictable and can't be reasoned with, since the only thing he thinks and cares about is destruction!

Dragon Ball can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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Dragon Ball Z (1989)




Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime series produced by Toei Animation and a sequel to the 1986 Dragon Ball series. It continues the adventures of Son Goku as an adult while also paralleling the life of his son Gohan. Son Goku typically defends the Earth from villains like Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. The series is followed by Dragon Ball GT and then Dragon Ball Super.

Release Date
April 26, 1989

Akira Toriyama

Number of Episodes
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  • Dragon Ball Z (1989)

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