Tomato Basil Soup Recipe (2024)

Tomato Basil Soup Recipe (1) Jessica Randhawa

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Homemade Tomato Basil Soup made with roasted tomatoes, fresh garlic, lightly caramelized onions, and fresh basil. So delicious and easy to make all year long using your favorite fresh or canned tomatoes. Vegetarian and gluten-free.

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Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

Everyone has their ownfavorite version of tomato soup. For some, it’s rich and creamy, while others may prefer a fresher, lighter soup made with roasted tomatoes. Some people prefer homemade, while others will forever swear by their favorite brand of canned tomato soup.

If you ask me, this is probably my favorite. Light and fresh but certainly not lacking in flavor, it’s smooth, delicious, and perfectly simple.

It’s also homemade.

Made with yummy garden-fresh tomatoes and canned tomatoes, olive oil, flavorful garlic, onions, and fresh basil, you know exactly what you’re getting when you enjoy a bowl of this fresh tomato soup.

What Types of Tomatoes Should I use for Tomato Soup?

Tomato soup can be made with any type of tomato – fresh or canned (crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, fire-roasted tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes, etc.)! I love to use a combination of canned tomatoes with fresh oven-roasted tomatoes for maximum flavor, but this is simply a suggestion, not a rule.

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How to Make Tomato Basil Soup

1. Roast the tomatoes and garlic: Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Roast the tomatoes for approximately 45 minutes for Roma tomatoes or 20 for smaller cherry tomatoes.

2. Cook the onions: Cook the onions in a little olive oil and butter on the stovetop for at least 15 minutes (up to 30 minutes would be even better).

3. Add the canned tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, broth, granulated sugar, and red chili flakes to the soup pot. Bring to a simmer, then reduce heat to medium-low. Add the roasted tomatoes. Simmer for an additional 10-15 minutes.

4. Blend: Work in batches to carefully blend the soup using a blender or an immersion blender.

5. Return the soup to the soup pot and season with salt and black pepper to taste. Garnish with fresh basil leaves, crunchy croutons, or a splash of fresh cream, if desired.

How to Make Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

Follow the instructions provided above. After the soup has been blended and returned to the soup pot, combine one tablespoon of tomato paste with a ladleful of the hot soup in a bowl. Whisk well to combine the tomato paste with the hot soup. Next, add the desired amount of heavy cream to the bowl and mix well to combine. Stir the creamy tomato mixture into the soup pot. Cook over low heat until ready to serve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to roast the tomatoes?

No. However, roasting tomatoes in the oven helps to sweeten and caramelize the sugars in the tomatoes, making them even more delicious! Cherry tomatoes are the sweetest, but also the smallest and most expensive, so unless you are growing your own and have a ton to spare, I recommend using Roma or plum tomatoes.

How long should I cook the onions?

For best results, cook the onions forat least 15 minutes. For even better flavor, however, allow your onions to cook at least 25 minutes or so.

Why add sugar to tomato soup?

Sugar helps curb the acidity of the tomatoes. You’ll notice that nearly all store-bought soups or sauces contain sugar (usually much more than just one teaspoon). The point of sugar, in this case, isn’t to sweeten the soup, so no need to add more than a teaspoon.

How many tomatoes would I need if I only wanted to use fresh tomatoes?

I recommend doubling the total amount of fresh tomatoes (a total of 8 pounds).

How long will leftover tomato basil soup last in the refrigerator?

Stored in an airtight container, leftover tomato basil soup will stay good for up to 4-5 days. Reheat in the microwave or on the stovetop until heated through.

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How to Serve

My favorite way to enjoy any tomato soup recipe is with a buttery grilled cheese sandwich. When this isn’t an option, crusty bread with butter is a fantastic alternative.

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Have you tried making this tomato basil soup recipe?

Tell me about it in the comments below! I always love to hear your thoughts. And tag me#theforkedspoononInstagramif you’ve made any of my recipes. I always love to see what you’re cooking in the kitchen.


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Tomato Basil Soup Recipe

4.91 from 96 votes

AuthorAuthor: Tomato Basil Soup Recipe (8)Jessica Randhawa

Homemade Tomato Basil Soup made with roasted tomatoes, fresh garlic, lightly caramelized onions, and fresh basil. So delicious and easy to make all year long using your favorite fresh or canned tomatoes. Vegetarian and gluten-free.

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Prep Time 10 minutes mins

Cook Time 1 hour hr 10 minutes mins

Total Time 1 hour hr 20 minutes mins

Course Soup

Cuisine American

Servings 6 servings

Calories 198 kcal


  • 4 pounds plum tomatoes - (Roma tomatoes) halved lengthwise
  • 6 cloves garlic - peeled
  • 3 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 teaspoon salt - divided
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon butter - (or dairy-free alternative)
  • 2 onions - sliced
  • 56 oz whole peeled tomatoes - 2 (28 oz) cans, juices reserved
  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves - plus more for serving
  • cups low-sodium vegetable broth - or water, chicken broth, or chicken stock, plus more, as needed
  • 1 teaspoon granulated sugar - optional
  • 1 teaspoon red chili flakes - plus more, if desired or less if you're sensitive to spicy food
  • heavy cream or coconut milk - for serving, optional
  • croutons or crackers - for serving, optional


  • Roast the tomatoes. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F and line two large baking sheets with parchment paper. Slice each tomato in half lengthwise and place them on the prepared baking sheets in a single layer. Add the whole garlic cloves to each baking sheet. Drizzle with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and season liberally with salt and pepper. Transfer your tomatoes to the preheated oven and roast for approximately 45 minutes (Roma tomatoes) or 20 minutes (cherry tomatoes). Tomatoes are ready when the skin is tender and begin to burst.

  • Cook the onions. Heat the remaining tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of butter in a large pot or Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add the onions and cook for approximately 15minutes or until they start to brown and caramelize. Reduce to medium heat if onions start to burn. Stir often.

  • Add the tomatoes. Add the canned tomatoes, fresh basil, broth, sugar, and red chili flakes to the pot. Bring to a low boil then reduce heat to low, and simmer until the tomatoes in the oven have finished roasting. Add the oven-roasted tomatoes to the pot with their juices, and return to a simmer.

  • Simmer. Simmer the soup uncovered and over low heat for approximately 20 minutes.

  • Puree. Work in batches to carefully blend the homemade tomato soup in a high-speed blender. Avoid over-blending (especially if you havea Vitamix or Blendtec which will turn your soup into a watery liquid rather than a luxurioussoup). You may also use a handheld food processor (immersion blender).

  • Season and serve. Return the soup to your soup pot and season with additional salt and pepper, to taste. Garnish with fresh basil, crunchy croutons, or a splash of fresh cream, if desired. Enjoy!

Jessica’s Notes

If you prefer not to add canned tomatoes, I recommend doubling the total amount of fresh tomatoes. The easiest way to peel tomatoes (should you prefer not to roast all of the tomatoes) is to place them in a pot filled with boiling water for approximately 30 seconds or until the skin starts to wrinkle. Transfer the tomatoes to a bowl of ice water to stop cooking and allow them to sit for 3-4 minutes, or until chilled. The tomatoes should still be very firm, with the skin wrinkly and starting to peel off. Continue to peel the skins off with your hands.

Can this soup be frozen for later use? I have not personally tried to freeze this soup, however, several readers have commented that it is wonderful even after freezing and reheating. Note: freeing is not recommended if cream or dairy is added to the soup prior to freezing.

How spicy is this soup? I think this depends on how sensitive you are to red chili flakes. If you know that you, or someone in your family, are sensitive to spicy foods, perhaps leave the red chili flakes out, or start with less.

Optional garnishes: red pepper flakes, fresh basil, heavy cream, coconut milk, parmesan cheese, homemade croutons, crackers.

Nutritional Information

Calories: 198kcal | Carbohydrates: 26g | Protein: 5g | Fat: 9g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 5mg | Sodium: 1192mg | Potassium: 1280mg | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 16g | Vitamin A: 3195IU | Vitamin C: 69.5mg | Calcium: 131mg | Iron: 3.7mg

(Nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and specific brands of ingredients used.)

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Originally posted January 2016

Tomato Basil Soup Recipe (9)
Tomato Basil Soup Recipe (2024)
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