17 Delicious Campfire Dessert Recipes (2024)

At Cool of the Wild we pretend not to have a sweet tooth, and most of the time we manage to keep up this facade of healthy dessert-free living. But sit us in front of a campfire after a long day stomping around in the fresh air and we simply can’t resist the temptation of an after-dinner treat! And it’s not just the naughty yumminess that lures us in. We love the fun anticipation of preparing campfire desserts too. Here are some of our favourite campfire dessert recipes to help get the juices bubbling and inspiration oozing.

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Apple Pie in a Can

This rustic and hearty campfire dessert is well worth the extra effort and will elevate you to head camp-chef status in one mouthful. Pre-make and then sit back and enjoy the wows as you effortlessly pluck the steaming pies out of the glowing campfire embers. Serve with a dollop of local farm-made clotted cream and a steamy mug of something strong. The perfect late night treat once the kids have turned in. Sweet heaven!

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Two-Ingredient Marshmallow Fudge

This two ingredient marshmallow fudge is the perfect easy-to-make dessert for your next camping adventure. The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity and flexibility; you can either prepare it at home and bring it along, or experience the joy of cooking outdoors by melting the chocolate and marshmallows over a campfire. After combining the ingredients, just pop the container into a cooler with ice to let the fudge firm up. This marshmallow fudge is smooth and creamy, but it’s also slightly chewy due to the marshmallows.

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Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

Cooking with a Dutch oven opens up a whole new way to approach campfire desserts. Your options are multiplied instantly and many of the recipes are easy to prepare at camp… like this peach cobbler. For a more seasonal effort, substitute the peaches for apples or pears and add in some berries for a healthy vitamin boost.

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Banana Boats

Campfire desserts don’t get much better than this melt in the mouth mush of deliciousness. But if the classic choco-banana combo doesn’t float your boat then maybe this decadent s’mores inspired recipe will put the wind back in your sails. Whatever your preference, these are a sure-fire way to keep all members of the crew happy.

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Maple and Pecan Baked Apple

Baked apples are about as healthy as a campfire dessert is likely to get, but it really depends on how you choose to fill it! Chocolate and cream? Caramel and salted nuts? Butter and sultanas? Marshmallow and biscuit, s’mores style? All excellent options. But this recipe sticks with a healthier finish, combining the natural sweetness and antioxidant properties of maple syrup with all the vitamin rich goodness offered by the pecan nut.

You’ll probably end up lacing it with cream, but hey, at least you tried right?!

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Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

These 20-minutes cinnamon rolls cooked over a campfire are a delicious treat best enjoyed on a chilly camping outing. These rolls are warm and toasty, but when topped with icing, they taste like heaven! Just pack a skillet, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, and some parchment paper in advance; you don’t need any other fancy equipment to enjoy this treat. This dish will surely end up on your camping menu every time!

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Chocolate Orange Campfire Cakes

These fruity cups of chocolate-filled yumminess give a whole new meaning to the idea of a cupcake. And who said you need an oven to bake?! You can use a pre-made cake mix for an easy option or go the extra mile and make the filling from scratch. Either way, adding some chocolate chunks or chopped nuts to the mix will be the hidden icing on your campfire cupcake!

Read how to make campfire cakes in a orange.

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Tortilla Dessert Roll-Ups

Keeping the filling simple with a slab of chocolate and some marshmallows makes an excellent option for the more intrepid camper. Lightweight, quick, and simple, the sugary molten contents of the roll is guaranteed to lift team spirits at the end of a long day hiking. Add some nuts and dried fruit for good energy replenishment and to make them even more irresistible to the taste buds of any tired trekker.

You’ll find some more filling ideashere.

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Outside-in Caramel Apple

Don’t let the trickiness of making spooky treats put you off attempting some campfire cuisine next Halloween. Being out in the wilderness sets the scene perfectly for a feast of Halloween classics, and with this topsy-turvy version of the traditional caramel apple you won’t have to choose trick or treat… because you’ll get both.

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Campfire Rice Pudding

When making a rice pudding recipe over a campfire, there are several benefits that make it a great choice.

Firstly, the smoky flavor of the campfire can infuse the rice pudding, giving it a distinct and delicious taste. Additionally, the slow and steady heat of the campfire can help to cook the rice pudding evenly and prevent it from burning or sticking to the pot.

Overall, cooking a rice pudding recipe over a campfire can be a delightful experience that adds flavor and fun to your outdoor adventure.

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Upside-down Pineapple Dutch Oven Cake

Another Dutch oven classic and a favourite with the kids. If you’re short on time then you could try baking it in a shallow pineapple or tuna can. It’ll cook through quicker and you’ll need a less substantial fire to tease the stickiness out of this tropical treat.

17 Delicious Campfire Dessert Recipes (12)

Apple Crumble Tumble

Prepping quality fireside desserts can often be more tricky than the campfire baking itself, but it couldn’t be easier with this recipe. Simply throw all the ingredients into little foil parcels to create a jumble of apple and oats that has all the class of a home-baked crumble.

17 Delicious Campfire Dessert Recipes (13)


This is another practical option for trekkers wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth with a post-dinner treat. The unpopped corn and seasoning are light to carry and can be stuffed inside a pan or mug to save space. Sprinkle with cinnamon and icing sugar or add some salt to help replenish sodium lost during a long day of hiking. This is also one for the health conscious camper or those not wanting the sugar rush right before lights out!

Check out these different ways of making popcorn over a campfire.

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Roasted Caramel Peaches with Pecans

Super simple to prepare, this summery combo of flavours is even better if you can get hold of some fresh peaches in season. Full of nutritional goodness without compromising the richness that the hot sticky caramel offers to the dish.

Take a look at some other fruity ideas as well as a printable version of this recipe.

17 Delicious Campfire Dessert Recipes (15)

Campfire Fondue

How can you possibly improve on the classic campfire dessert of toasted marshmallows? Well, how about dipping them in molten chocolate for a truly decadent treat. For a healthier option you could substitute the gooey marshmallows for strawberries or chopped apples and make the fondue with dark chocolate.

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Campfire Glazed Peaches and Figs

Summery and fresh, this is another goodie that sits on the healthier end of the campfire dessert spectrum. The short list of ingredients makes it easy to prep and cooking time is minimal so long as your fire is well stoked. Choosing sweet, ripe fruits and cooking for a little longer allows for the omission of the sugar altogether. If you’re feeling extra wholesome then don’t bother with the butter either.

Get the recipe here.

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Campfire Waffle Tacos

Waffle tacos are exactly how they sound – imagine waffles folded in half with all your favorite sweet fillings like whipped cream, fresh fruit, or chocolate chips. To make these over the campfire, you’ll need a cast iron skillet and some round waffle molds. Heat up your skillet with some butter or oil until it’s hot, then place the molds in the skillet to cook for 1-2 minutes per side. Take them out when they’re golden and crispy, fill with your favorite sweet or savory toppings, and enjoy!

Waffle tacos make a great camping meal because they are quick to make, and you can customize them any way you like. You, your family, or friends can experiment and see who can come up with the best flavor combination! Plus, you don’t have to worry about packing plates and silverware – just grab a waffle taco and go!

17 Delicious Campfire Dessert Recipes (2024)
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